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Prestige CS
(140 g/L)
pencycuron(150 g/L)

• Combined protection from pests and diseases;
• «anti-stress" effect of stimulating the development of plants;
• 50 days protection period of the Colorado potato beetle;
• 50 days of protection against soil pests (wireworms, mole crickets, larvae, beetles, cutworms;
• 50 days of protection against all sucking pests (all species leaf aphids, thrips, bugs, leafhoppers;
• 40 days of protection from all types of scab, dry and wet rot and black leg;
• Easy to use and no need of pest management in the growing season;
• safe for beneficial insects;
• good absorption of the roots and the rapid advance of the stem in young, growing leaves;
• elimination of weather conditions.

Konfidor Extras
(700 g / kg)  1g

 High activity against pests resistant to organophosphorus and pyrethroid insecticides;
system properties can deal with living secretly pests;
long period of protection, even in hot weather;
for most crops rather one treatment;
supports the plants more resistant to various abiotic stresses - drought, disease, hypoxia, etc;
unsurpassed for making a drip irrigation, because strong expression kornesistemnomu action;
low-toxic to the user and the environment;
resistant to washout;
convenient packaging.
Decis Profi
(250 g / kg)  1g
 Effective protection against pest complex in many cultures;
triple mechanism of action (contact, intestinal, a pronounced effect knockdown);
compatible with most fungicides and insecticides except highly alkaline;
innovative high-quality formulation that meets all the requirements of the user;
convenience of dosing and preparation of working solution;
the safety of consumers and the environment;
excellent price / performance ratio;
safest synthetic peritroid

(20 g / kg)  1g

 the ability to spread through the plant, resulting in after treatment, and Colorado potato beetle larvae are killed and the untreated plots on young plants and grow leaves;
beetle kills at normal and high (above 30) temperatures early as 1 hour after treatment;
not be washed off by rain;
Do not damage the plant;
low toxicity to humans, bees, fish and birds.
Do not accumulate in potato tubers, even at maximum application rates;
the closed container does not cake and does not lose its properties even at low temperatures

(500g/kg) 10g25g100g

• One of the safest drugs (hazard class 3) with active ingredient of natural origin;
•recommended for growing early potatoes and for the second treatment;
Ideal product for use against the Colorado potato beetle on eggplant by being environmentally friendly crop;
• the most effective insecticide on record in Russia to fight the mole cricket (used for making bait).


amino acid - 12.0%,
free amino acids - 9.3%,
total nitrogen - 2.1%
organic nitrogen - 2.1%
organic matter - 14.8%,
boron - 0.019%
Manganese - 0.046%,
zinc - 0.067%50 ml
 Plant protection from all types of stress;
increase the percentage of ovaries and prevents it falling off, especially when frost or heat during flowering;
better pollination and quality of the crop;
can be used in conjunction with other leafdressings and drugs that provide high digestibility and performance of all components of the tank-mix, and a more intense absorption of nutrients from the soil.
Vapor Gard
(pinoline ™) 96%, 4% inert    ingredients50ml
 The original US-made drug has no generics;
excellent survival rate of treated 'Vapor Gard' seedlings and saplings transplants provide a high potential for growth of plants;• increase the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the crop;
does not need special equipment to make;
safe for people and the environment (Grade 4 toxicity);
More than 30 years on the world market;
more early maturity, better taste of fruits, berries, vegetables;
protect the fruit from cracking and sunburn;
improved portability and shelf harvest.


glyphosate acid(360g / L)    
50 ml100 ml

The speed and reliability of the almost complete destruction of all weed species;
Do not flush sediment 2-3 hours after spraying;
Rapid degradation in soil, no residues in the culture;
Easy to use;

 Do not prevent the germination of seeds can be planted or sown in culture 7-10 days after application.


Gryzuna.NET Facility №1


120g (12 filter bags of 10g)
200g (20 filter bags of 10g)

 Does not cause habituation!
 Does not cause suspicion because of lack of acute food poisoning and death of rodents at 3rd-4th day;
 Rodents die not in holes in the room, but in the open air;
 The bait can be easily removed after use and does not require special disposal, can be just buried or burnt;
 Use of the bait does not harm the birds and the bees;

 The bait is ready for use.