Fitoftory Net


     Plant diseases - the processes that occur in plants under the influence of various causes - agents and difficult environmental conditions, show through disfunction (in photosynthesis, respiration, synthesis of plastic and growth factors, the water run, nutrients), the structure of the body and cause premature death of plants or destruction of some of its organs.            

      The line "FITOFTORY.NET» (, based on the name of one of the most well-known and widespread cultivated plants diseases in Russia) is specifically designed to simplify the process of protecting plants from diseases, which is an integral part of technology of their cultivation, aimed at obtaining a high and healthy crop.            


 All the measures used to control plant diseases can be divided into two categories: prevention and treatment. A very important role play the preventive actions, those that do not allow the incipience of the disease occur. The treatment of infected plants is possible only in limited circumstances. The reason is that the majority of infectious diseases of plants is growing inside the affected plant  and is almost inaccessible to the chemical, or other act on them.  

         The preventative measures that constitute the core of the complex of plant protection against diseases can be divided into three groups:  

a) activities aimed at the destruction of the primary sources of infection;  
b) measures that limit the possibility of spread from plant to plant;  
c) activities that increase plant resistance to diseases.  


     The practical implementation of these measures can be achieved in different ways: agro-technical, chemical, physical, biological, and other ones. Depending on the characteristics of the disease and its agent (source of infection, conditions of a disease development, peculiarities of the culture itself) in some cases the determinant one is agrotechnical, in others - a chemical or some other method ever. The best result is achieved by combining different methods, which makes a system or set of protective measures.         

     Presented to your attention on the new 2011 season of the line "FITOFTORY.NET"  Vapor Guard and Terra-Sorb Foliar products are the ones for the prevention. Their innovation is that both products are a completely secure compounding. Vapor Guard has a natural origin, TERRA-SORB FOLIAR is also made from natural materials by an exclusive enzymatic hydrolysis. That is why they are known around the world and allowed for biological farming, in distinction from products obtained by chemical means.  

      Full information on each product is in the appropriate sections. Test the new products, well-known around the world and many of the problems that you encountered earlier will be resolved.  

     The«Dacha Group» Company  is interested in new brands for the"FITOFTORY.NET." line  We are ready to consider offers on the basis of exclusive contracts for the Russian Federation, if your organization is working in the pesticide business and has  unique products in its portfolio.