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Group of companies “Agrotech-Garant” distributes plant-protecting products for gardeners and farmers since 1999.

Dacha Group LLC which is part of Agroteh-Garant Group of companies works on this part of business development.


Dacha Group’s mission is to provide the population (amateur gardeners) with effective, original and safe pesticides.

We develop this direction in collaboration with leading world producers ("Arista LifeScience East, Bayer, Syngenta and others), and present original products, achieving the best results.


Under the brand name «Dacha Group» («Villa Group") we present the products selected by an expert with 30 years of experience, the scientist-agronomist, gardener, and the host of a leading TV program "High season" - Babin Ivan Vasilyevich. The products really are of a different novelty, quality, efficiency, safety, convenience in use and are separated by the graphics and color components for a clear identification by consumers (zhuka.net - insecticides, fitoftory.net - fungicides, sornyaka.net - herbicides, gryzuna.net - rodenticides) . In each of the lines will be presented no more than 5-7 types of the best products in their classes of plant protection.


Dacha Group concludes exclusive contracts with well-known international manufacturers and offers a new system for the implementation and distribution.

What at the end of the day will the parts included in the realization of the new conception of distribution get?

Manufacturers of original products receive precisely organized and transparent sales system, built with the participation of organizations, initially focused on the civilized format of selling quality products to the consumer.

Distributors get stable favorable conditions for the products supply, marketing support and trust of customers through long-term relationships.


Consumers have the opportunity to purchase 100% authentic products. We directly support the end-users using the hotline 8-800-100-01-15 (toll free in Russia) and online resources on the use of products and consultations with specialists, as well as information about the location and contacts of the official distributors participating in the project.