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Harvest  of any cultural plants cannot be obtained, not protecting it from various harmful factors. Whether manufacturing or small portions of farmers, gardeners, all have to contend with pests, plant diseases, weeds, rodents.


The most effective method to combat today is the chemical one. It helps to ensure the food security of states and continents, ranging from cottages, gardens and vegetable gardens to hundreds of thousands of hectares of agricultural holdings.


Dacha Group offers plant protection means registered in Russia, in the segment for smallholdings:


– Means of combating pests (insecticides) – "Zhuka.net."

– Means of combating disease (fungicides) – "Fytophthory.net"

– Means of combating weeds (herbicides) – "Sornyaka.net"

– Means of combating rodents (rodenticides) –  “Gryzuna.net"